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Don’t ignore the pain or rough skin on your feet. If you are suffering from heel pain, bunions, calluses or any other symptoms mentioned below, contact Advanced Foot Care by Nurses in Langley. We also offer mobile services to areas such as White Rock, Surrey (East of 152 Street and all South Surrey), Aldergrove and Langley. Often we ignore the pain in our feet but if the pain persists or worsen, you need to see a professional. If you identify any of the following symptoms, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us, we take office as well as in home appointments.


 A bony bump formed at the base of your big or little toe joint. The skin over the bunion may turn red and sore. Wearing tight shoes may worsen a bunion. 

Corns and calluses
 Appears when the skin thickens and hardens due to friction or pressure. Corns are formed on toes and calluses are found bottom of the feet. These might not be a serious problem for some people but if they are for you, we offer non-invasive treatment. They can also be surgically reduced. 

Diabetic foot care

 If you have diabetes, you are more vulnerable to complications arising from your diabetes. Proactive measures can help prevent serious complications.

Ingrown nails
 When the edge of your toenail pierces your skin it causes inflammation and redness, which can lead to infection. While treatment varies, we will treat it non-invasively.

Plantar warts
 Small grainy growth on the bottom of your foot. These are caused when you come in contact with human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus enters the body through cuts and breaks in your skin. While this can be treated with over-the-counter medicines, it is best to show it to a podiatrist.

Toenail fungus
 The types of toenail fungus include red looking nail, debris under nail, nail that seems to be loose or lifting, thickened nail or crumbling nail edges, white or yellow dots on the nail. If left undertreated, the infection might spread to other nails.

Nail bracing and reconstruction
 Nail bracing and reconstruction is used to prevent ingrown nails from occurring.

Pressure offloading and padding
 Pressure offloading and padding procedures help you with the pain and the pressure in your feet. They are also used for diabetic patients.

Skin Care

 Skin care is moisturizing the skin from lower limb to feet.

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