Foot Care Services in Langley and Surrounding Areas

 We offer personalized foot care services in Langley, White Rock, Surrey and Aldergrove. You can put the skills and experience of a trained nurse to work for you or your loved one. No matter what your specific foot health concerns may be, you can count on us for personalized care in everything we do. Contact us now to set up an appointment.

Our Sessions
When your foot is being taken care of by our experienced and qualified nurses, you can just lay back and relax. Your session with our nurses will include the following.

  • Assessment: A quick and comprehensive assessment of your lower limbs and feet
  • Review: A brief health history review 
  • Nails: Cleaning, filing and trimming of nails along with reduction and care for thick/difficult nails
  • Corns/Calluses: Rebuffing and reduction (as required)
  • Dry Heel Care: rough/thickened/cracking skin to the bottom or the heels of the foot
  • Cleansing: Antiseptic cleansing to remove the dust/debris after trimming/filing
  • Moisturize: Moisturizing the skin from lower limb to feet
  • Health Teaching
  • Referrals: Made to podiatrists or other allied professionals (shoe fitter or pedorthists), as required.

All supplies and equipment will be brought to the appointment. Our tools are steam sterilized using the Tuttenauer EZ9P autoclave.  All of our supplies are single use disposables.

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