Foot Care Services

When you choose Advanced Foot Care by Nurses for your foot care, you’ll be putting the skills and experience of a trained nurse to work for you or your loved one. No matter what your specific foot health concerns may be, you can count on us for personalized care in everything we do.

A session with our staff includes:

  • A quick but comprehensive assessment of your lower limbs and feet, including a brief health history review to establish your baseline
  • Cleaning, filing and trimming of nails
  • Reduction and care for thick or difficult nails
  • Buffing of corns, callouses and the removal of seed corns (as needed)
  • Filing of rough, thickened or cracking skin to the bottom of the foot
  • Antiseptic cleansing to remove nail dust and debris after nail trimming and filing
  • Application of a skin moisturizer to skin surfaces of the lower limbs and feet
  • Client education
  • Referrals to community resources including podiatrists and pedorthists
  • All supplies and equipment will be brought to the appointment by our mobile team. Our equipment is sterilized sing the Tuttenauer EZ9P autoclave

Nurse notes and all information collected regarding you and your health history will be kept confidential and in the sole possession of Advanced Foot Care by Nurses. Client information will only be shared with other members of the health care team at the client’s own discretion.

For more information on personalized foot care, contact Advanced Foot Care by Nurses now.

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